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Market Release Date:June 2008
Grand Prix



Vector Group Ltd. a subsidary of Liggett Group


Liggett Group LLC, will sell snus under it's Grand Prix brand in June 2008. It will be available in three flavors original, spearment, and wintergreen. Liggett will make Grand Prix Snus in partnership with Snusab of Stockholm, Sweden. [1]


Product Design Features

  • Pouches to be placed under the upper lip for an extended period of time
  • Pouches contain pasteurized, low-moisture tobacco powder
  • Spit-less and low salt content[1]




Industry Documents


Market Testing

  • Introduced May 2008: Portland, OR; Kansas City, MO; Indianapolis, IN; Dallas, TX; Raleigh, NC; Orlando, FL; Columbus, OH

Advertising and Selling Messages

  • Point of Purchase slogan: “Freedom to snus”
  • Promoting Grand Prix snus as a more socially acceptable form of smokeless tobacco


  • Positioned with Liggett’s bargain tobacco products
  • Available in Original, Spearmint, and Wintergreen

Use and the Consumer

  • Data not yet available

Human Use and Exposure

  • Human Exposure: not yet conducted or not available

Toxicity Analyses

  • Ames method in vitro: not yet conducted or not available
  • In vivo MSP: not yet conducted or not available
  • Animal exposure: not yet conducted or not available

Legal Compliance

  • Surgeon General warnings
  • No sales to minors
  • Subject to State and Federal cigarette taxes

Community Response

  • Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids protests against Ohio test markets, saying smokeless tobacco use is associated with mouth cancers and heart disease, and the product could have health implications for Ohio’s citizens.



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