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Manufacturer 22nd Century Group, Inc.


Dutch Magic cigarettes contain 95 per cent less nicotine than most ultra light and light cigarettes, making it a candidate as a modified risk tobacco product, the company said. The Dutch Magic brand consists of two varieties of cigarette and two roll-your-own products.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg will be the first countries in which Dutch Magic products will be sold.

22nd Century is a US plant biotechnology company whose proprietary technology allows for the level of nicotine and other nicotinic alkaloids like nornicotine, anatabine and anabasine in the tobacco plant to be decreased or increased through genetic engineering and plant breeding, the company said. Goodrich Tobacco and Hercules Pharmaceuticals, maker of a smoking cessation aid, are wholly owned group subsidiaries. [1]


DUTCH MAGIC consists of two cigarette brand styles and two roll-your-own brand styles. Unlike “light” and “ultra light” cigarette brands, which essentially have the same nicotine content as full flavor brands, DUTCH MAGIC cigarettes have a nicotine content that is significantly reduced. The very low nicotine Dutch Magic brand style contains approximately 95% less nicotine than typical “ultra light” and “light” cigarettes. The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg are the first European countries in which very low nicotine tobacco products will be available to consumers. Goodrich Tobacco Company will ship Wilshire’s initial order of 450,000 packs of DUTCH MAGIC in July 2013. The exclusive distribution agreement requires minimum annual purchases by Wilshire Marketing BV that peak at $3,000,000 in calendar year 2015. Wilshire Marketing BV is investing substantial marketing funds to launch DUTCH MAGIC in Benelux.


22nd Century is committed to developing and commercializing (i ) consumer acceptable reduced risk tobacco products and ( ii ) a prescription -based smoking cessation aid Consisting of a kit of very low nicotine ( VLN ) cigarettes .

Translated , this means: 22nd Century is committed to first tobacco to produce a reduced risk and secondly to produce that will only be available on prescription and from cigarettes with very low nicotine content will include a smoking kit . ( Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg , we will hit the shelves of the shops sell the cigarettes as freely available product and not sell as smoking kit on prescription )

We have set ourselves the goal to bring . Tobacco of the 22nd Century on the Benelux market

Unlike many anti- smoking movement , we believe that banning and discouraging smoking by very high prices may have . Effect only partially Already one can encounter , namely an exploding cigarette illegality and the associated inferior cigarettes an even greater threat to public health . The unintended consequences of this policy We want to offer smokers the opportunity , if chosen to smoke , do so voluntarily and provide information on investigations into tobacco products so that one can evaluate our products. Well More about the subjects you will find in the next pages. On this site you will find to scientific research and findings from leading authorities also many links .

In any case, it is not intended to suggest that the smoking of cigarettes with low amounts of nicotine is better. Smoking is unhealthy . We want to bring the products of 22nd Century to the attention of the public and thorough information to the public on the specific characteristics of the products of 22nd Century Inc. [1] Gold Magic Website



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