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Tobacco Warning Labels

Tobacco packaging warning messages are health warning messages that appear on the packaging of cigarettes and other tobacco products. They have been implemented in an effort to enhance the public's knowledge about the dangers of smoking. In general, warnings used in different countries try to emphasize the same messages. Warnings for some countries are listed below. Such warnings have been commonplace in tobacco advertising for many years.


El fumar es perjudicial para la salud
Ley Nº 23.344
to smoke is damaging for the health From July 2006, warning must cover 50% of the back of the packaging.


In early 2006 a new initiative was introduced, with graphic images depicting the effects of smoking* cigarettes to be displayed on cigarette packets. As of March 1, warnings must cover 30% of the front and 90% of the back of the box.[1]

The Australian warnings had previously consisted of six rotating messages occupying 25% of the front of the box. These warnings were:

  • smoking causes lung cancer
  • smoking is addictive
  • smoking kills
  • smoking causes heart disease
  • smoking when pregnant harms your baby
  • your smoking can harm others

Additionally, 33% of the back of the box contained detailed information about the harm of smoking. The information related to the specific warning used on the front.

Furthermore, each box must display (occupying an entire side of the pack) information regarding the tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide content of each cigarette.

Austria and Germany

Cigarette packets in Germany.
  • General warnings:
    • Rauchen ist tödlich. (Smoking is lethal.)
      Rauchen kann tödlich sein. (Smoking can be lethal.)
    • Rauchen fügt Ihnen und den Menschen in Ihrer Umgebung erheblichen Schaden zu. (Smoking severely harms you and the people around you.)
  • Additional warnings:
    • Raucher sterben früher. (Smokers die younger.)
    • Rauchen führt zur Verstopfung der Arterien und verursacht Herzinfarkte und Schlaganfälle. (Smoking leads to clogging of arteries and causes heart attacks and strokes.)
    • Rauchen verursacht tödlichen Lungenkrebs. (Smoking causes lethal lung cancer.)
    • Rauchen in der Schwangerschaft schadet Ihrem Kind. (Smoking while pregnant hurts your child.)
    • Schützen Sie Kinder — lassen Sie sie nicht Ihren Tabakrauch einatmen! (Protect your children - don't let them breathe your tobacco smoke!)
    • Ihr Arzt oder Apotheker kann Ihnen dabei helfen, das Rauchen aufzugeben. (Your doctor or pharmacist can help you stop smoking.)
    • Rauchen macht sehr schnell abhängig: Fangen Sie gar nicht erst an! (Smoking is highly addictive: Don't even start!)
    • Wer das Rauchen aufgibt, verringert das Risiko tödlicher Herz- und Lungenerkrankungen. (Who gives up smoking reduces the risk of fatal heart and lung diseases.)
    • Rauchen kann zu einem langsamen und schmerzhaften Tod führen. (Smoking can cause a slow and painful death.)
    • Rauchen kann zu Durchblutungsstörungen führen und verursacht Impotenz. (Smoking can lead to blood circulation disorders and causes impotence.)
    • Rauchen lässt Ihre Haut altern. (Smoking causes aging of your skin.)
    • Rauchen kann die Spermatozoen schädigen und schränkt die Fruchtbarkeit ein. (Smoking can damage the spermatozoa and decreases your fertility.)
    • Rauch enthält Benzol, Nitrosamine, Formaldehyd und Blausäure. (Smoking contains benzene, nitrosamine, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.)


In Azerbaijan, cigarette packages have a small notice which says: "Ministry of Health warns: Smoking is dangerous for your health". But usually light and small fonts are used to show this message. Sometimes first part of message is not visible.


In Brazil, health warnings are required on one full side of the cigarette packages. There have been three sets of warning labels used in Brazil since 2002. The third set was revealed on May 31, 2008. Each cigarette pack must include the phrase “This product contains more than 4,700 toxic substances and nicotine which causes physical or psychic dependence. No safe levels exist for the consumption of these substances”.[1]


The Canadian Tobacco Act requires warnings on all tobacco products sold in Canada. The current set of 15 warnings were introduced in 2000, replacing the older versions from 1994. A Health Canada warning is printed randomly on all tobacco product packaging, and is required to take up at least 50% of the visible surface. Imported cigarettes to be sold in Canada which do not have the warnings are affixed with sticker versions. Each warning is printed along with a short explanation and is accompanied by a picture illustrating that particular warning. e.g.:

85% of lung cancers are caused by smoking.
80% of lung cancer victims die within three years.

(Picture: Internal view of human lung detailing cancerous growths.)

Additionally, on the inside of the packaging or, for some packets, on a pull out card, "health information messages" consisting of answers and explanations regarding common questions and concerns about quitting smoking and smoking related illnesses are provided. On the packaging (usually on the narrow side of a packet) a table details the approximate amount of toxic substances found in that particular brand of cigarette. e.g.:

"Toxic emissions / unit:" "Tar" 11 - 26 mg, Nicotine 1.0 - 2.4 mg,
Carbon monoxide 14 - 28 mg, Formaldehyde 0.057 mg - 0.14 mg,
Hydrogen cyanide 0.10 - 0.22 mg, Benzene 0.028 - 0.067 mg

From Altria's (aka Philip Morris Inc.) Benson & Hedges brand Belmont Milds

Per Canadian law regarding products sold in Canada, the warnings are provided in both English and French.

Health Canada is also considering laws mandating plain packaging, in which tobacco product packaging would be black and white and labelled solely with simple unadorned text, as well as outlawing descriptive terms such as "Light" and "Mild" which they argue are deceptive to consumers and encourage them to falsely believe that these brands of cigarettes are less likely to cause illness or addiction.

Information on tobacco product labelling in Canada as well as a full list of the warnings and health information messages is available at Health Canada's website [1].


Health warning labels in Chile must as of November 12, 2006 cover 50% of the package surface.[1]

European Union

Cigarette packets and other tobacco packaging must include warnings in the same size and format and using the same approved texts (in the appropriate local languages) in all member states of the European Union.

These warnings are displayed in black Helvetica bold on a white background with a thick black border. Ireland prefaces its warnings with "Irish Government Warning", and Latvia with "Veselibas ministrija bridina". In member states with more than one official language the warnings are displayed in all languages, with the sizes adjusted accordingly (for example in Belgium the messages are written in Dutch, French and German and in Luxembourg in French and German). All cigarette packets sold in the European Union must display the content of nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide in the same manner on the side of the packet.


Front of packaging (covers 30% of surface)
Fumer tue
(Smoking kills)
Rear of packaging (covers 40% of surface, similar design)
  • Les fumeurs meurent prématurément. (Smokers die prematurely.)
  • Fumer bouche les artères et provoque des crises cardiaques et des attaques cérébrales. (Smoking clogs arteries and causes heart attacks and strokes.)
  • Fumer provoque le cancer mortel du poumon. (Smoking causes fatal lung cancer.)
  • Fumer pendant la grossesse nuit à la santé de votre enfant. (Smoking during pregnancy harms your child's health.)
  • Protégez les enfants : ne leur faites pas respirer votre fumée. (Protect your children: don't make them breathe your smoke.)
  • Votre médecin ou votre pharmacien peuvent vous aider à arrêter de fumer. (Your doctor or pharmacist can help you quit smoking.)
  • Fumer crée une forte dépendance, ne commencez pas. (Smoking is highly addictive, don't start.)
  • Arrêter de fumer réduit les risques de maladies cardiaques et pulmonaires mortelles. (Quitting smoking reduces the risk of fatal heart and lung diseases.)
  • Fumer peut entraîner une mort lente et douloureuse. (Smoking can result in a slow and painful death.)
  • Faites-vous aider pour arrêter de fumer : téléphonez au 0 825 309 310 (0,15 euro/min) (Help yourself quit smoking: call 0 825 309 310)
  • Fumer peut diminuer l'afflux sanguin et provoque l'impuissance. (Smoking can cause low blood pressure and impotence.)
  • Fumer peut nuire aux spermatozoïdes et réduit la fertilité. (Smoking damages sperm and reduces fertility.)
  • La fumée contient du benzène, des nitrosamines, du formaldéhyde et du cyanure d'hydrogène. (Cigarette smoke contains benzene, nitrosamines, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.)
Left or right side of packaging
  • Components percentages (15 % of surface, small prints): Tobacco - Cigarette paper - Flavor and texture agents
  • Quantity of toxics in mg/cigarette (in prominent blackonwhites square and bold letters): Tar - Nicotin - Carbon monoxide
Other side of packaging
  • Country of manufacturing, name of manufacturer, quantity
  • Product identifier (EAN-7 bar code)
Other characteristics
  • Small print: "Vente en France 01" (sales in France)
  • Recyclable logo (for the packaging)
  • Words forbidden in the displayed product name: light, ultra-light, légere, or any indication that may indicate that this is a minor drug with low impact... (These branding words have been replaced by various color names)


As in the European Union all Cigarette packets and other tobacco packaging must include warnings in the same size and format and using the same approved texts in Icelandic (English translations are not printed on the packages.)

  • Reykingar drepa (Smoking kills)
  • Læknirinn þinn eða lyfjafræðingur geta hjálpað þér að hætta að reykja. (Your doctor or pharmacist can help you quit smoking)
  • Reykingar valda krabbameini. (Smoking causes cancer)
  • Reykingar eru mjög skaðlegar fyrir þig og þá sem eru nálægt þér. (Smoking are very harmful for you and those close to you)
  • Reykingar stífla slagæðar og valda kransæðastíflu og heilablóðfalli. (Smoking blocks your arteries and causes coronary artery disease and stroke.)
  • Reykingar valda banvænu krabbameini í lungum. (Smoking causes fatal lung cancer)
  • Reykingar á meðgöngu skaða barnið þitt. (Smoking during pregnancy harms your child.)
  • Verndaðu börnin - Láttu þau ekki anda að sér tókbaksreyk. (Protect the children - Don't let them inhale tobacco smoke.)


  • Merokok dapat menyebabkan kanker, serangan jantung, impotensi dan gangguan kehamilan dan janin.(Smoking can cause cancer, heart attack, impotency and problems during pregnancy as well as affects the health of the newborn)

Text is written all in capital letters, surrounded by bold border.


  • Il fumo uccide / Il fumo può uccidere. (Smoking kills / Smoking may kill)
  • Il fumo danneggia gravemente te e chi ti sta intorno. (Smoking heavily damages you and whoever is near you)
  • I fumatori muoiono prima. (Smokers die early.)
  • Il fumo ostruisce le arterie e provoca infarti e ictus. (Smoking clogs arteries and causes heart diseases and strokes)
  • Il fumo provoca cancro mortale ai polmoni. (Smoking causes mortal lung cancer.)
  • Fumare in gravidanza fa male al bambino. (Smoking during pregnancy damages the baby.)
  • Proteggi i bambini, non fumare in loro presenza. (Protect the kids, don't smoke when they're around.)
  • Il medico o il tuo farmacista possono aiutarti a smettere di fumare. (Your doctor or your pharmacist may help you quit smoking.)
  • Specialisti del settore medico possono aiutarti a smettere di fumare. (Doctors may help you quit smoking.)
  • Il fumo crea un'elevata dipendenza, non iniziare. (Smoking is highly additive, don't start.)
  • Smettere di fumare riduce il rischio di malattie cardiovascolari e polmonari mortali. (Quit smoking reduces the risk of deadly cardiovascular and lung diseases.)
  • Il fumo può provocare una morte lenta e dolorosa. (Smoking can cause a long and painful death.)
  • Il fumo provoca il cancro della cavità orale. (Smoking causes oral cancer.)
  • Fatti aiutare a smettere di fumare: 0848 000 181/www.fumarefamale.ch. (Let us help you quit smoking: 0848 000 181/www.fumarefamale.ch.)
  • Il fumo può ridurre la circolazione sanguigna e causa impotenza. (Smoking may reduce blood circulation and cause impotency.)
  • Il fumo invecchia la pelle. (Smoking makes the skin look old.)
  • Il fumo può danneggiare lo sperma e diminuisce la fertilità. (Smoking may damage sperm and diminish fertility.)
  • Il fumo contiene benzene, nitrosammine, formaldeide e acido cianidrico. (Cigarettes contain benzene, nistrosamine, formaldehyde and hydrocyanic acid)

Other text is sometimes placed in the packets, for example some packets contain leaflets which have written on them all the above warnings, with more detailed explanations and reasons to give up, with advice from Philip Morris.


  • Smēķēšana nopietni apdraud Jūs un cilvēkus Jums blakus
  • Smēķēšana nogalina

  • Smēķēšana izraisa neārstējamu plaušu vēzi
  • Atmest smēķēšanu Jums var palīdzet Jūsu ġimenes ārsts un farmaceits
  • Smēķētaji mirst jauni
  • Sargiet bērnus: nelieciet viņiem elpot tabakas dūmus!
  • Smēķēšana grūtniecības laikā kaitē Jūsu bērnam
  • Smēķēšana izraisa artēriju nosprostošanos un rada sirdslēkmes un insultu


  • AMARAN OLEH KERAJAAN MALAYSIA, MEROKOK MEMBAHAYAKAN KESIHATAN (Warning by the government of Malaysia, Smoking endangers health)

Netherlands, The


  • Roken is dodelijk (Smoking kills)
  • Roken veroorzaakt impotentie (Smoking causes impotence.)
  • Roken veroorzaakt longkanker (Smoking causes lung cancer)
  • Tabaksrook bevat benzeen, nitrosaminen, formaldehyde en waterstofcyanide (Tobacco smoke contains benzene, nitrosamines, formaldehyde and hydrogencyanide )
  • Uw arts of apotheker kan u helpen te stoppen met roken (Your physician or pharmacist can help you to quit smoking)
  • Rokers sterven jonger (Smokers die younger)
  • Roken veroorzaakt verstopping van de bloedvaten, hartaanvallen en beroertes (Smoking causes clogging of the blood vessels, heart attacks and strokes)
  • Roken tijdens de zwangerschap is slecht voor uw baby (Smoking during pregnancy harms your baby)
  • Bescherm kinderen: laat hen niet uw rook inademen (Protect children: don't let them breath your smoke)
  • Roken werkt zeer verslavend; begin er niet mee (Smoking is very addictive; don't start with it)
  • Stoppen met roken vermindert het risico op dodelijke hart- en longziekten (Quitting smoking reduces the risk of fatal heart- and lung diseases)
  • Roken kan leiden tot een langzame, pijnlijke dood (Smoking can lead to a slow, painful death)
  • Roken veroudert uw huid (Smoking ages your skin)
  • Roken kan het sperma beschadigen en vermindert de vruchtbaarheid (Smoking can damage the sperm and reduces the fertility)


  • Fumar mata. (Smoking kills)
  • Fumar provoca o cancro pulmonar mortal. (Smoking causes deadly lung cancer)
  • Fumar causa elevada dependência. Não comece a fumar. (Smoking causes high dependency. Don't start smoking.)
  • Fumar provoca o envelhecimento da pele. (Smoking causes premature skin aging)
  • Fumar prejudica gravemente a sua saúde e a dos que o rodeiam. (Smoking greatly harms your health, and the health of those around you)
  • Se está grávida: fumar prejudica a saúde do seu filho. (If you're pregnant: Smoking harms your child's health)
  • Os fumadores morrem prematuramente. (Smokers die prematurely)
  • Fumar bloqueia as artérias e provoca ataques cardíacos e enfartes. (Smoking blocks your arteries and causes heart attacks and strokes)
  • Fumar pode reduzir o fluxo de sangue e provoca impotência. (Smoking might reduce the blood flow and causes impotence)
  • Deixar de fumar reduz os riscos de doenças cardiovasculares e pulmonares mortais. (Ceasing to smoke reduces the risks of deadly cardiovascular and pulmonar diseases)

Russian Federation


  • Минздрав России предупреждает: курение вредит Вашему здоровью (The Russian Ministry of Public Health warns: smoking is harmful to your health.)


  • Курение — причина раковых заболеваний (Smoking causes cancer.)
  • Курение — причина смертельных заболеваний (Smoking causes fatal diseases.)
  • Оградите детей от табачного дыма (Keep children away from tobacco smoke.)
  • Курение табака вызывает никотиновую зависимость (Smoking tobacco causes nicotine dependence.)
  • Курение — причина заболеваний сердца (Smoking causes heart diseases.)


  • Rökning dödar (Smoking kills)
  • Tobak skadar din hälsa allvarligt (Tobacco causes serious harm to your health)
  • Rökning under graviditet kan skada ditt foster (Smoking while pregnant may harm your fetus)

South Korea

  • From 1976 to 1989 건강을 위하여 지나친 흡연을 삼갑시다 (For your health, please refrain from smoking too much)
  • From December 1989 to 1996 흡연은 폐암 등을 일으킬 수 있으며, 특히 임산부와 청소년의 건강에 해롭습니다 (Smoking may cause lung cancer and it is especially dangerous for teenagers and pregnant women)
  • From 1996 to March 2005 Front 흡연은 폐암 등 각종 질병의 원인이 되며, 특히 임신부와 청소년의 건강에 해롭습니다 (Smoking causes lung cancer and other dieseases and it is especially dangerous for teenagers and pregnant women) Back 19세 미만 청소년에게 판매할 수 없습니다 (It is illegal to sell cigarettes to people under 19) and additionally, 금연하면 건강해지고 장수할 수 있습니다 (You can be healthy and live longer if you quit), 흡연은 중풍과 심장병도 일으킵니다 (Smoking also causes paralysis and heart dieseases), 흡연은 사랑하는 자녀의 건강도 해칩니다 (Smoking also damages your beloved children), 당신이 흡연하면 다른 사람의 건강도 해칩니다 (Smoking damages others)
  • From April 2005 to April 2007 Front 건강을 해치는 담배 그래도 피우시겠습니까? (Smoking damages your health. Do you still want to smoke?) Back 19세 미만 청소년에게 판매할 수 없습니다 (It is illegal to sell cigarettes to people under 19) and additionally, 금연하면 건강해지고 장수할 수 있습니다 (You can be healthy and live longer if you quit), 흡연은 중풍과 심장병도 일으킵니다 (Smoking also causes paralysis and heart dieseases), 흡연은 사랑하는 자녀의 건강도 해칩니다 (Smoking also damages your beloved children), 당신이 흡연하면 다른 사람의 건강도 해칩니다 (Smoking damages others)
  • From April 2007 to April 2009 Front 흡연은 폐암 등 각종 질병의 원인이 되며, 특히 임신부와 청소년의 건강에 해롭습니다 (Smoking causes lung cancer and other dieseases and it is especially dangerous for teenagers and pregnant women) Back 19세 미만 청소년에게 판매 금지! 당신 자녀의 건강을 해칩니다" (It is illegal to sell cigarettes to people under 19! It hurts your children's health)
  • From April 2009 to April 2011 (a prospectus) Front 건강에 해로운 담배, 일단 흡연하게 되면 끊기가 매우 어렵습니다 (Smoking damages your health. Once you start smoking, it is very difficult to quit) Back 19세 미만 청소년에게 판매 금지! 당신 자녀의 건강을 해칩니다 (It is illegal to sell cigarettes to people under 19! It hurts your children's health)
  • From March 2007, various graphic warnings will be printed on all cigarette packages.


The warnings in Taiwan all start with the phrase "Warning from the Department of Health, Executive Yuan:" (行政院衛生署警告), and followed by one of the warnings below:

  • 吸菸有害健康 (Smoking is hazardous to your health)
  • 孕婦吸菸易導致胎兒早產及體重不足 (Smoking during pregnancy can cause premature death and underweight birth)
  • 抽菸會導致肺癌﹑心臟病﹑氣腫及與懷孕有關的問題 (Smoking can cause lung cancer, heart diseases, emphysema and prenancy-related problems)
  • 吸菸害人害己 (Smoking hurts yourself, and hurts others)
  • 懷孕婦女吸菸可能傷害胎兒,導致早產及體重不足 (Smoking during pregnancy might damage the fetus, and can cause premature death and underweight birth)
  • 戒菸可減少健康的危害 (Quitting smoking can reduce health risk) - no longer used


Cigarette pack in Turkey.
  • Sigara içmek öldürür. (Smoking kills)
  • Sigara içenler genç yaşta ölür. (Smokers die younger)
  • Sigara içmek damarları tıkar, kalp krizine ve felçlere neden olur. (Smoking clogs the arteries and causes heart attacks and paralysis.)
  • Sigara içmek ölümcül akciğer kanserine neden olur. (Smoking causes lethal lung cancer)
  • Hamile iken sigara içmek bebeğe zarar verir. (Smoking while pregnant will harm the baby)
  • Çocukları koruyun: Dumanınızı onlara solutmayın. (Protect your children, don't let them breathe your smoke.)
  • Sağlık kuruluşları sigarayı bırakmada size yardımcı olabilir. (Health agencies can help you quit smoking)
  • Sigara içmek yüksek derecede bağımlılık yapar, başlamayın. (Smoking is highly addictive, don't start)
  • Sigarayı bırakmak ölümcül kalp ve akciğer hastalıkları riskini azaltır. (Stopping smoking reduces the risk of fatal heart and lung diseases)
  • Sigara içmek ağrılı ve yavaş bir ölüme neden olabilir. (Smoking can cause a slow and painful death)
  • Sigarayı bırakmak için doktorunuzdan ve ...’den yardım isteyin. (To quit smoking ask for help from your doctor and ...)
  • Sigara içmek kan akışını yavaşlatır ve cinsel iktidarsızlığa neden olur. (Smoking will slow the blood flow and cause impotence)
  • Sigara içmek cildin erken yaşlanmasına neden olur. (Smoking causes early ageing of the skin)
  • Sigara içmek spermlere zarar vererek doğurganlığı azaltır. (Smoking can damage the sperm and decreases fertility)
  • Sigara dumanında benze, nitrosamine, formaldehit ve hidrojensiyanit gibi kanser yapıcı maddeler bulunur. (Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens such as benzene, nitrosamines, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.)

United Kingdom and Ireland

Cigarette pack in the United Kingdom.
  • Images emphasizing the dangers of smoking will be printed on all cigarette packs in the United Kingdom starting in October 2008. All tobacco products will be required to carry the images by the end of 2009.

One of the following general warnings must be displayed, covering at least 30% of the surface of the pack:

  • Smoking kills / Smoking can kill
  • Smoking seriously harms you and others around you

Additionally, one of the following additional warnings must be displayed, covering at least 40% of the surface of the pack:

United States of America

Cigarette pack in the United States.
  • Caution: Cigarette Smoking May be Hazardous to Your Health (1966)
  • Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined that Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health (1970)
  • SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.
  • SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health.
  • SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight.
  • SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide.

Reference: Dumas, Bethany K. “An Analysis of the Adequacy of Federally Mandated Cigarette Package Warnings.” Ch. 11 of Language in the Judicial Process, ed. J. N. Levi and A. G. Walker. NY: Plenum Press Corp., 1990, 309–352. Reprinted Tennessee Law Review 59.2 (1992), 261–304.


For many years in Venezuela, the only warning in cigarette packs was printed in a very small typeface along one of the sides:

"Se ha determinado que el fumar cigarrillos es nocivo para la salud" (Cigarette smoking is harmful to your health)

As of 2007 the following are printed very prominently, along with graphical images, as in Australia and Canada:

  • Este producto es dañino para la salud y produce adicción (This product is hazardous to your health and is addictive)
  • Fumar causa mal aliento, pérdida de muelas y cancer de boca (Smoking causes bad breath, tooth decay and mouth cancer)
  • Fumar causa cancer de pulmón, tos, enfisema pulmonar y bronquitis crónica (Smoking causes lung cancer, coughing, pulmonar emphysema and chronic bronchitis)
  • Fumar causa infarto al corazón (Smoking causes heart failure)
  • Fumar durante el embarazo daña la salud de tu bebé (Smoking while pregnant harms your child)
  • Los niños y niñas comienzan a fumar al ver adultos fumando (Children start smoking when they see adults smoke)
  • Fumar cigarrillos durante el uso de anticonceptivos orales aumenta el riesgo de trombosis (Smoking while using oral contraceptives increases the risk of thrombosis)
  • Fumar causa impotencia en los hombres (Smoking causes impotence in men)
  • Dejar de fumar mejora tu salud y prolonga la vida (Quitting smoking improves your health and lifespan)
  • El humo del cigarrillo afecta tambien a quien no fuma (Cigarette smoke also harms those who don't smoke)

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