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Discontinued Feb 2010



Lorillard in partnership with
Swedish Match AB


A Swedish style snus developed for the U.S. market. Triumph snus is a white portioned snus sold in a combi-lid can for used pouches. The packaging is designed for extended shelf life.[1] Triumph was test marketed in Ohio and Georgia March 2008.


  • Available on cigarette shelves

Product Design Features

  • White portioned snus pouches (1 gram tobacco, 8mg nicotine, 8.5 pH level)
  • Low TSNA levels




Industry Documents


Market Testing

  • Available March 2008 in Ohio and Georgia

Advertising and Selling Messages

  • Triumph will be available on cigarette shelves for visibility and accessibility
  • Slogan: “No smoking? No Problem.”


  • White portion pouches arranged in star-shaped pattern
  • Container has a combi-lid for used pouches
  • Package design for extended shelf life

Use and the Consumer

  • Triumph is intended to appeal to smokers seeking to get around clean indoor air laws
  • Low price promotion ($1.29)[1]

Human Use and Exposure

  • Human Exposure: No data specific to Triumph available: See Swedish Snus for general information

Toxicity Analyses

  • Ames method in vitro: not yet conducted or not available
  • In vivo MSP: not yet conducted or not available
  • Animal exposure: not yet conducted or not available

Legal Compliance

  • Surgeon General warnings
  • No sales to minors
  • Subject to State and Federal cigarette taxes

Community Response

  • Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids protested against Ohio test markets, saying smokeless tobacco use is associated with mouth cancers and heart disease, and could have health implications for Ohio’s citizens



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