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Tarblock is a cigarette filter. It stops the smoker from inhaling some of the tar and nicotine from the cigarette.


  • Tarblock removes tar and nicotine without changing the taste of your cigarette.
  • Tarblock absorbs harmful chemicals like Tar, Nicotine & Carbon Monoxide from a cigarette.[1]
  • These superb filters may also help eliminate yellow stains on your fingers and teeth.[1]

Product Design Features

  • Tarblock filters are yellow and are contained in a clear plastic casing
  • The plastic casing fits onto the filter end of a full-size traditional cigarette
  • Tar accumulates in the plastic casing as smoke is inhaled into the smoker’s lungs




Industry Documents


Market Testing

  • No known market testing

Advertising and Selling Messages

  • Slogan: “Highly Effective and Easy To Use”
  • Slogan: “Tarblock™ Cigarette Filters Help Cigarette Smokers Who Can't Quit Smoking or Simply Don't Want To Stop”
  • Claim: “We care about your health” and “Tarblock removes tar and nicotine without changing your cigarette taste”
  • “Make money with Tarblock™ Cigarette filters: Start a new PROFITABLE BUSINESS or add a LUCRATIVE INCOME STREAM to your existing business”[1]


  • Comes in red packages with a blue band containing yellow writing
  • Trial Pack of 60 filters is available for online purchase for $10.99
  • Tarblock filters available online: 6 pack/$29.99; 12 pack/$49.99
  • Case (720 filters) is available online for $89.99

Use and the Consumer

  • Ships free to all US locations, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Now available in Western Europe, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia
  • According to BlockTar.com, consumers can easily sign up to sell Tarblock filters through their own businesses

Human Use and Exposure

  • Not yet conducted or not available

Legal Compliance

  • Not Applicable

Community Response

  • No known organized community campaigns



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