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Market date: Fall 2001



Star Scientific Inc.


Stonewall's spitless, tobacco tablet are the size and shape of a tic-tac, have lower-TSNA's than smokeless tobacco or cigarettes and are non-fermented. To use Ariva, don't chew but allow the tablet to dissolve completely in your mouth so that the nicotine absorb into the oral cavity. Stonewall is currently available in three blends. Wintergreen, Natural & Java dissolvable tobacco tablets.


  • They are designed to be used anywhere at anytime and provide reduced toxin, okers.[1]
  • Provide adult tobacco users with a viable, better alternative to cigarettes and other current smokeless products.[1]
  • Star Scientific claims Stonewall's TSNA levels are extremely low, and measured in “parts per billion”. As the product is not combusted, smoke is not inhaled.[1]

Product Design Features

  • Employs the “StarCured” process, which claims to impede the formation of TSNAs
  • Offers a spit-free alternative to conventional smokeless products
  • Lower total TSNA: 0.28 mg/g
  • Nicotine: Labeling states 4.0 mg per piece



  • Ariva Commercial 320x280 display from YouTube


Industry Documents


Market Testing

  • October 2001: Richmond, VA; Chase City, VA; Dallas, TX; Jacksonville,FL
  • Selection of Rite Aid stores in Louisville, KY
  • In 2006, introduced a new flavor, “Natural”
  • May 2006: Available in Texas, Kentucky, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Minnesota, Michigan, and Indiana

Advertising and Selling Messages

  • “…innovative hard snuff tobacco product that requires no spitting.”
  • “…offers adult moist snuff users a viable alternative to taking a dip when they find themselves in situations when this is not allowed or inconvenient, such as in the workplace, in cars, at the movies, and while traveling on public transportation.”
  • “Stonewall Hard Snuff, like moist snuff, is a smokeless tobacco product, and therefore does not contain the thousands of toxic chemical constituents found in cigarette smoke. In addition, the

tobacco used in Stonewall is 100 percent “Virginia StarCured” tobacco leaf with very low levels of tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs).”[1]


The Stonewall Hard Snuff promotional website features a description of the product and a store locater which asks users to enter their nearest zip code. The product is described as smokeless, and “therefore does not contain the thousands of toxic chemical constituents found in cigarette smoke.” In addition, the website describes the type of tobacco and curing methods used. Stonewall employs 100 Percent “Virginia StarCured” tobacco,“which is cured using a patented process that results in a tobacco leaf with very low levels of tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs).” The website describes Stonewall’s labeling: “There are no safe tobacco products. Quitting or not starting is your best option.” The slide then reveals “Star’s stated view that consumers should be encouraged not to use any tobacco products.” The marketing theme for the Stonewall moist and dry products during test marketing was “Know Your Snuff.”[1]


  • Sold in “child-resistant” packaging: blister packs.
  • 20 lozenges/pack

Stonewall is available in packs containing 20 lozenges in “childresistant” blister packs. Each pack is labeled with “Underage Sale Prohibited” and “There are no safe tobacco products. Quitting or not starting is your best option.”[1]

Product Chemistry and Human Use

Star Scientific has claimed that Stonewall Hard Snuff TSNA levels are 25 times lower than those found in the non-PREP Skoal Long Cut product, and 30 times lower than those found in the Copenhagen Long Cut product. Star has used these figures to argue that continued expansion of Ariva and Stonewall Hard Snuff distribution and consumer acceptance can ultimately make an important impact on the risk associated with conventional tobacco use. Independent research has shown that TSNA levels for Stonewall are among the lowest of PREP dry snuff products available (0.28μg/g wet weight), with low proportional levels of the strongly NNN and NNK, suggesting that much of the total TSNA content is comprised of noncarcinogenic NAT (Stepanov, et al. 2006). Plasma nicotine levels arising from use of Stonewall have been found to be lower than non-PREP Copenhagen snuff or nicotine replacement therapy, Commit. Accordingly, Stonewall may be less effective at reducing nicotine cravings than Copenhagen (Kotlyar, et al. 2007).[1]

Use and the Consumer

  • No known information

Human Use and Exposure

  • Human exposure: Nicotine plasma level (range 2.0-4.0 mg/ml) of Stonewall was significantly lower than non-PREP smokeless products such as Copenhagen and Commit

Toxicity Analyses

  • Ames method in vitro: not yet conducted or not available
  • In vivo MSP: not yet conducted or not available
  • Animal exposure: not yet conducted or not available

Legal Compliance

  • “Underage Sale Prohibited” package label
  • “There are no safe tobacco products. Quitting or not starting is your best option.”

Community Response

  • Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids released a report on smokeless tobacco products and addressed concern over several new tobacco products (including Revel, Stonewall, and Ariva). Due to their novelty, the misconception that they are safe, and because they can be consumed inconspicuously, TFK feared these products may lure kids[1]


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