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Smoke Rx


Smoke Rx is a smoking cession capsules. It contains no nicotine. Smoke Rx has an herbal formula that temporarily reduces withdraw symptoms. The reduced withdraw symptoms allows the consumer to change their lifestyle. [1] Smoke Rx has three different product formulas. Formula A helps the customer deal the habit of smoking. Formula B removes the nicotine and flushes it out of the body. Formula C is the Aromatherapy in the SmokeRx program. It addresses the habitual craving that is associated with smoking. Formula C is a maintenance program designed to be used as needed only after completing Formula A and Formula B.[1]


  • The Aromatherapy formulation works by infusing an herbal scent designed to provide a sense of relaxation and calm while dealing with the stress and tension of trying to quit.
  • SmokeRx is an all natural program that is nicotine-free and drug-free.
  • Quit Smoking in 7 Days with SmokeRx
  • Smoke Rx stop smoking program makes quitting smoking easier
  • Stop smoking with A Three-Step Program That Is All-Natural, Safe and Easy With...NO Nicotine! NO Cravings! NO Withdrawals! NO Drugs! NO More Expense!
  • Try this amazing stop smoking aid and Feel Great, Feel Healthy, Feel Like A New Person and Save A Small Fortune By Kicking the Habit Today!
  • It's amazing how something like this could be so easy![1]




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