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Market Release: October 2008



U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company (USSTC)


Skoal Snus a smokeless spitless tobacco product, consisting of pasteurized powdered tobacco, portioned into small teabag-like pouches. To use Snus, place the pouch between the cheek and the upper lip where the oral cavity absorbs the nicotine. Skoal Snus is available in Mint, Cinnamon, and Citrus Blend. Skoal Snus replaced a similar product, Skoal Dry, which has been discontinued. In 2011, Skoal Snus will be packaged in round cans similar to traditional smokeless tobacco products; the pouches will be larger, have a higher moisture content, and contain more nicotine.


  • No Spit No Smoke
  • Skoal Snus is a convenient, discreet way to enjoy tobacco in places like work, bars or restaurants, planes or trains.
  • Snus is smoke-free so there‚Äôs no second-hand smoke or lingering smoke odor to worry about.
  • Each small Skoal Snus pouch is filled with a perfect blend of 100% premium American-grown tobacco and refreshing long-lasting flavors.
  • Targeted toward current users of conventional moist smokeless tobacco products.


Courtesy of Dr. Richard Higby



Industry Documents

  • Skoal Snus Cinnamon

- Average nicotine content per pouch: 2.85mg

  • Skoal Snus Citrus

- Average nicotine content per pouch: 2.93mg

  • Skoal Snus Mint

- Average nicotine content per pouch: 2.98mg



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