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House of Oliver Twist A/S located in Odense, Denmark. RBJ Sales, Inc. of Dresden, TN imports Oliver Twist into the USA.


Oliver Twists are small, pellets of smokeless tobacco measuring app. 1x0.5 cm. The tobacco leaves are twisted into long spools of tobacco twine and then cut and rolled into pellets. Oliver Twist packages 30 mini-rolls or 7 grams of tobacco per box. To use, place the tobacco pellet in between the cheek and gums for one hour.
Manufactured in Denmark, all flavors of Oliver Twist are purchasable online. Tobacconist in the USA carry: Tropical, Sunberry, Original, Wintergreen, Mint and Citrus. Certain European Tobacconist sell Tropical, Eucalyptus and Royal.


  • Oliver Twist is made with natural nicotine from tobacco, that soothes the urge to smoke.
  • All varieties of Oliver Twist are vacuum packed to ensure a shelf-life of one year.
  • When you no longer feel the urge for a cigarette, merely remove the tobacco pellet. Since both the taste and the release of nicotine last for at least 1 hour, you will use far fewer pellets in a day than you would cigarettes.
  • If one tobacco pellet is used for an average of 60 minutes, the consumer will receive about 2 mg of nicotine.




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