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This is an alcoholic beverage that contains Nicotine. The Nicotini has emerged as a result of restaurants banned smoking. It is made by saturating tobacco leaves in vodka overnight along with other liquors in order to reduce the juice's harshness. The drink is designed to give the buzz and taste of a cigarette. It was designed to cater to those smokers who do not want to get up and go outside to smoke. It was invented on Fort Lauderdale’s Los Olas Boulevard by the owner of the Cathode Ray Club.


  • Nicotini can be used similarly to the nicotine patches and gum and will help smokers quit.
  • Is a liquid cigarette

Product Design Features

  • Varying levels of nicotine (unregulated)
  • Contains alcohol




Industry Documents


Market Testing

  • Introduced in 1984

Advertising and Selling Messages

  • Advertised as a: “liquid cigarette”


  • Nicotini can be made in the form of a martini (most common); Quick Puff (a single shot); Black Lung (mixed with Kahlúa); Menthol version (amaretto, cognac and crème de menthe)

Use and the Consumer

  • First available at the Cathode Ray Club in Fort Lauderdale, immediately after stricter anti-smoking laws were passed in Florida
  • Smoking was banned in clubs in Florida after July 1, 2003[1]

Human Use

  • Not yet conducted or not available


  • Not yet conducted or not available

Toxicity Analyses

  • Not yet conducted or not available

Legal Compliance

  • Should not be available to those under age 21 in the U.S., owing to

alcohol content

Community Response

  • No known organized community campaigns


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