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Marshall and McGearty



RJ Reynolds


Marshall McGearty, a trendy smoking lounge in the city of Chicago, opened its doors to the public January 6, 2006, the same week the city of Chicago implemented part one of a twofold smoking ban. Since over 80% of the lounge's revenues comes from tobacco sales, the artisan tobacco lounge is exempt from the smoking ban. Marshall McGearty offers a fully ventilated bar and light fare. The tobacco giant, RJ Reynolds, owns the posh smoking lounge and employs the two creators Jerry Marshall and Larry McGearty. Marshall, the tobacco expert, developed blends of Artisan tobacco, which sell at $8.00 a pack. While McGearty designed the comfortable smoking ennvironment where the public acquaints themselves with the hand-crafted tobacco blends. After establishing a market for the premium tobacco, RJR is now pushing its line of Marshall McGearty Tobacco into the Chicago and Seattle test markets. The lounge closed on January 14, 2008.


  • Comfortable, guilt-free smoking environment.
  • A NASA-developed air replacement unit was installed at bars, that proves their air is as clean as the outside.[1]
  • Premium handcrafted tobacco blends.
  • According to co-creator Jerry Marshall, “Marshall McGearty goal is to introduce a level of connoisseurship to tobacco that was previously reserved for other luxury indulgences, such as wines, single-malt scotches, whiskeys and cigars by introducing premium tobaccos from around the world and educating smokers about them; we are elevating the smoking experience to the level of distinction.” [1] R.J. Reynolds advertises the brand as “superpremium” cigarettes. The lounge was created to appeal to an upscale market.




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