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Jaunty is a electronic nicotine delivery system comparable to a cigarette, or a cigar. The mouth-sucking nicotine replacement device comprises of, a lithium battery, a microcomputer controlled circuit, atomization chamber and nicotine cartridge containing a solution. When you suck on the household therapeutic device the nicotine solution heated by the battery, atomizes into an exhalable vapor. The Jaunty ultrasonic device sells their patents to various independent dealers who in turn, relabel the product and resell the e-cigarette device as their own new product.

Market Date 2007 Jaunty Electronic Cigarette


Patent Owners

ShenZhen Jaunty Electronic & Technology Development Co. Ltd


ShenZhen Jaunty Electronic & Technology Development Co. Ltd
Shenzhen Boge Technology Co.,Ltd. Generic


  • Free of tar, carbon monoxide and other carcinogenic substances, electronic cigarette.[1]
  • Does not cause cancer.[1]
  • Electronic Cigarettes are second-hand smokeless; they are harmless to the surrounding people so that Jaunty can be used safely in most public places.[1]
  • There is no a fire danger, because E-cigarettes are flameless.[1]
  • Jaunty E-cigarettes refresh the smokers, satisfying their smoking addiction, making then happy and relaxed, relieving the suffering of quitting smoking.[1]




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