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Honeyrose cigarettes are made of natural ingredients like rose petals, marshmallow leaves, red clover flowers, honey and apple juice. [1]
Honeyrose are available in 7 varieties:

  • Special Cigarettes are made from a blend of herbs: Marshmallow, Red Clover and Rose Petals. Tar level of 5mg
  • Menthol Cigarettes combine menthol with the herbal mixture. Tar level of 6mg
  • De Luxe Cigarettes have had apple juice and honey added to the herb mix. Tar level of 6mg
  • Ginseng Cigarettes have herbal mix with a Ginseng leaf in exotic yellow papers. Tar level of 7mg
  • Blue Cigarettes the mildest of all the varieties. tar level of 3mg
  • Clove Cigarettes incorporate cloves to the mixture. Tar level of 10mg
  • Vanilla Cigarettes have the mix with a subtle vanilla flavor. Tar level of 8mg[1]


According to Honeyrose each time you smoke a Honeyrose Herbal Cigarette or use the Smoking Mixtures, you lessen your intake of nicotine, and less likely to smoke a tobacco cigarette the next time you light up. You will soon lose the desire to smoke tobacco and that there is no risk of developing a long-term chemical dependency. The Stop Smoking Plan, you will be ready to quit smoking tobacco completely in as little as three weeks. They are tobacco free and nicotine free and contain no addictive ingredients. [1] Honeyrose offers you:

  • A 'Stop Smoking Plan' to help you quit in less than 3 weeks
  • Non-addictive, natural, herbal cigarettes and smoking mixtures to ease your progress
  • The benefit of being able to continue to hold a herbal cigarette in the same way you would have held a tobacco cigarette, until you finally quit smoking
  • Personalized Stop Smoking Plans on request
  • Telephone product support[1]

Product Design Features

  • Packaged as a traditional cigarette. Each pack contains 20 herbal cigarettes
  • Physical design analysis not available



Many television shows and movies have switched to using Honey Rose cigarettes for filming of smoking scenes, including scenes when they need to fake marijuana use for those scenes they empty the cigarette and re-roll it to resemble a marijuana cigarette.

Sci-Fi Channels Battlestar Galactica used Honey Rose for all of their smoking needs The Movie Pineapple Express Used Honey Rose Fox's 24 uses Honey Rose


Industry Documents


Market Testing

  • No known market testing

Advertising and Selling Messages

  • Slogan: “No smoke, no tar, no nicotine, and no tobacco”
  • Manufacturer claims product as cessation aid: “They [Honeyrose]

are a trusted method of helping to quit smoking while avoiding the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine”


  • They are available in many styles and flavors such as menthol, ginseng, vanilla, low tar, de luxe blend, and clove.
  • Cigarettes are available in packs of 20 for £2.05 - £2.90
  • Mini filters are available in packs of 10 for £1.14

Use and the Consumer

  • Available worldwide through many online distributors
  • Honeyrose herbal cigarettes have been available in the UK for over 30 years

Smoke Emissions and Human Use

  • Human Testing: Because this product contains combusted plant material, there is a likelihood that many of the toxic constituents of tobacco products (e.g. CO, PAHs) are present. Further testing is required.[1]

Toxicity Analyses

  • Not yet conducted or not available

Legal Compliance

  • Not Applicable

Community Response

  • No known organized community campaigns



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