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Market Date: 20060500
Gotenborgs Rape



Swedish Match AB


Goteborgs Rape Snus, made in Sweden, is a smokeless, spitless tobacco product available in moist to semi moist, loose or portion tobacco. Loose snus is similiar to US chew tobacco, however Snus is pastuerized instead of fermented, lowering the level of toxins. Portioned Snus uses the same type of finely ground pastuerized tobacco as the loose snus, but the moist tobacco is pre portioned and sealed in small teabag-like pouches. To use Snus either place a molded ball of loose snus, or a pouch in between the upper lip and the gum. Leaving the tobacco in place for a half hour, the nicotine is absorbed into the blood through the oral cavity. Goteburg rape is available in loose, Original and Prima Fint, and White Portion Large, White Portion Large No. 2, White Portion Mini.


  • There is some evidence that smokers are more likely to accept the [Snus] alternative tobacco products than the nicotine-replacement products, and thus have greater success quitting with the former.[1]
  • A quantitative analysis provided evidence that the health risks associated with snus are significantly lower than those associated with smoking for the following outcomes: lung cancer, oral cancer, gastric cancer, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality (Roth et al. 2005). An expert panel concluded that mortality associated with use of low-nitrosamine smokeless (such as snus) is at least 90% lower than that associated with smoking (Levy et al. 2004).[1]



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