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Capri Ultra Lights

I've been smoking these for yrs. Now what is the deal? Seems like every 3rd or 4th time i go to get smokes-something doesnt taste right! When you buy 4 packs at a time-HUGE waste of money! It's like there's a flavor they are leaving out like a touch of vanilla or some dash of flavoring I love is just gone! I believe this is some kind of conspiracy to get us smokers to eventually stop. Something just isnt right & Im damn mad about wasting so much money! Now I buy one pack-go outside-light one up to see if it tastes right & then go back in & get more packs or have to drive 10 mins away to another store til i find ones that seem to have all the ingredients in there! I wish i knew who to write to or how to start a petition. They will be going out of biz for sure with this "problem" with inconsistant manufacturing! Anyone else have this problem? Thank you for listening to my venting!

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