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The following websites are excellent resources in finding out what Snus is, learning about Snus health risks, and possibly getting some free Snus samples.


Snuson is an excellent getting started resource for learning about Snus. It has very active discussion boards, and receives thousands of forums posts every month. Many Snus retailers also post Snus news and communicate directly to customers on the forums, so if you want to provide your input on Snus, check out!

Snus Authority is a popular Snus blog, containing Snus reviews, tutorials, guides about Snus is, and has occasional free Snus samples and contests. Snus Authority reviews many brands of Snus such as Lucky Strike Snus, General Snus, Camel Snus, Jakobsson's Wintergreen Snus, Marlboro Snus, and more. It also has a guide to teach you what snus is.

Dr Snus is another excellent Snus blog. It contains reviews, Snus news, and more. The site is updated fairly often, and reviews Snus brands such as Olde Viking and many others.

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