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Market Date:1984
Catch Snus



Swedish Match AB


Catch Snus, a pastuerized Swedish snuff, is pre-portioned into small and mini sized teabag like pouches. Catch Snus pouch should be placed in between the gum and upper lip, where the nicotine is then absorbed into the body. Beyond semi moist snuff, Catch Snus offers a dry Snus that requires less spitting. Catch Snus is availabe in many nontradtional tobacco flavors: Licorice, Eucalyptus, White Cassis and Vanilla Coffee.


  • Natural and artificial flavors are added at low levels. These compounds contribute to the taste characteristic of each brand, which represent trade secrets of Swedish Match. [1]
  • Snus is pasteurized by a heat treatment process, which satisfies the hygienic requirements of the Swedish Food Act.[1]
  • Catch Snus is the tobacco for the urban lifestyle of the 21st century. Catch Snus is the conscious choice for the modern individual.[1]
  • Catch Snus attracts both Men and Women because of its discrete portion sizes.[1]
  • More Swedes are choosing Match Snus, because it is the most attracitve brand in the Swedish Match Snus Portfolio.[1]



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