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Blue Whale Worldwide Corporation
Blue Whale Smokeless


Blue Whale is a moist snuff that taste similar to traditional dip but with less tobacco and nicotine per pinch. This enables the user to begin to reducing their tobacco consumption. There is less tobacco and nicotine in Blue Whale than traditional smokeless products. However, any product that contains tobacco and nicotine is not safe. Nicotine is highly addictive substance. The company has stated that it does not want minors to buy or use their products. Blue Whale uses botanical genetics. This gives the user a similar effect of a regular chew tobacco but without using an actual tobacco leaf. The product is made with black tea leaves that are mixed with extract of tobacco. The tobacco extracts that are used have been named "NicoDip" and inculdes nicotine. Blue Whale is available in standard 1.2 oz dip cans, in four bold flavors: Straight, Winter Green, Cool Mint, and Peach[1]


The company has stated “Blue Whale is a new, smarter alternative to smokeless tobacco” and that Dippers get the same full satisfaction they get from the finest premium tobaccos[1] In addition they promise:

  • Same taste, smell, pack, and satisfaction of the finest premium tobacco
  • Less tobacco and nicotine, same full satisfaction with our patented Nicodip.
  • The smart way for dippers to continue dipping while drastically reducing tobacco consumption.[1]

Product Design Features

  • Product contains ‘Nicodip,’ a patented tobacco extract
  • Blue Whale comes in four flavors: Straight, Winter Green, Cool Mint, and Peach
  • Blue Whale products have the same taste, smell, and pack as traditional smokeless tobacco products



Fox News coverage of Blue Whale Smokeless


Industry Documents


Market Testing

  • Blue Whale Premium Tobacco Alternative was launched in a test market in Texas in September 2006

Advertising and Selling Messages

  • Claim: “Less tobacco and nicotine per pinch, but with the same tobacco satisfaction and great taste. It is what dippers have been waiting for.”
  • Slogan: “The smart dip that really satisfies”


  • Blue Whale products come in flat, circular cans of varying colors that correspond to the flavor of the product. There is an image of a blue whale on the top and side of each can. The brand name, product name, slogan, and flavor is displayed on each can
  • Blue Whale Premium Tobacco Alternative comes in 1.2 oz. cans in four flavors for $4.99 per can, online through Sunridge Distribution Inc.
  • A 6-pack of cans is available online for $27.99
  • A 12-pack of cans is available online for $53.99

Use and the Consumer

  • Blue Whale samples available online for $1.99 plus shipping and handling
  • Currently available in Texas at select 7-Eleven and Sac N Pac stores
  • Currently available in the Midwest at Casey’s and Kum and Go! Stores

Human Use and exposure

  • Not yet conducted or not available

Toxicity Analyses

  • Not yet conducted or not available

Legal Compliance

  • Website disclaimer stating “If you are a minor... Blue Whale does not want you to use our products. They were not developed for you.” Nevertheless, sales to minors NOT covered by existing youth access laws

Community Response

  • Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids issued a press release calling for FDA regulation of Blue Whale, based on its composition of tea, which is considered a foodstuff



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