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Woodleaf Corporation


Aeros Smokeless Cigarette is an inhaler for dispensing volatile ingredients including nicotine and medications. [1] The inhaler is comprised of a sealed impermeable plastic tube, similar in shape to a ordinary cigarette, which contains moist tobacco and absorbent materials for flavoring.[1] When the Aeros Cigarrette's ends are cut off and the air is drawn through the tube, invisible tobacco vapors, containing nicotine and natural tobacco flavorings are released into the users lungs. After 1- 10 puffs, or one cigarette, an Aeros Smokeless Cigarette will recharge the evaporate within 20 minutes for reuse. Aeros requires no heat, contains 0mg of tar, and .05mg of nicotine, per tube, which is 1/20th the amount of nicotine found in ignitable cigarettes, and 1/40th the amount of nicotine found in nicotine patches. Smokeless Aeros Cigarettes emit no smoke or odor. The FTC detected none of the 4000 different chemicals and particles found in an ignitable cigarette in Aeros Smokeless cigaretttes. Marketing Aeros Smokeless Inhalers as cigarettes was approved by the US government in 2007. [1]


Aeros is a substitute for cigarettes. Aeros Smokeless allows smokers the same taste, and instant satisfaction of a cigarette without heat, hassle or complaints. A pack of Aeros can last as long as 1-3 Cartons or 600 conventional cigarettes. Aeros produces no tar or smoke which illiminates tar stains that ruin a smile or smoke odors on breath. An open Aeros tube will not stain pocket or purse. Aeros can help the public: stop, replace or quit smoking ciagarettes, stop, replace or quit smokeless tobacco, to smoke in a 'no smoking' work, home, restaurants, or airplane environment.[1]

Product Design Features

  • Nicotine is present in the reconstituted tobacco sheet within tube
  • Vapor containing nicotine is released when the plastic tube is opened and puffed

Aeros smokeless cigarette seeks to combat the hazards of traditional tobacco products. It requires no heat for use, and according to a 2004 FTC method test report, delivers no smoke, tar, or carbon monoxide to the user or surrounding environment. Each Aeros cigarette delivers 0.050 milligrams of nicotine vapor to the user, about 1/ 20th the amount found in ignitable cigarettes. The Aeros cigarette is made using a special sealed plastic tube to preserve freshness; when the tube ends are cut and air is drawn through (taking a puff), vapors are released to the user. The vapor is composed of natural tobacco flavors and nicotine. According to Aeros marketing materials, closely resembles traditional cigarette smoke. After each cigarette use (between one and ten puffs), natural capillary action recharges the evaporate within about 20 minutes. The same cigarette can be used repeatedly, though the flavor typically diminishes within one to three days use (with one pack lasting as long as 600 traditional cigarettes) according to the manufacturer.[1]




Industry Documents


Market Testing

  • Began in 2005

Advertising and Selling Messages

  • No large-scale marketing campaign due to high cost overruns
  • Reliant upon word-of-mouth for sales
  • Slogan: “Smokeless. Enjoy Anywhere.”


Woodleaf Corp. is currently unable to launch a large-scale marketing campaign, as high cost overruns were sustained during the product’s eight year research and development phase. Still, the company reports that sales increase each month solely by “word of mouth.” According to Woodleaf President Richard Horian, “The reorder rate is shockingly high from what I am told. It is standard in the tobacco industry to give away tons of samples just to get a small number of people to convert to a company’s product. We do not give any samples away. In fact, the consumer must part with about $30 just to try Aeros from the website. Once they do however, they find out that all the stuff on the website about Aeros is validated by how the product delivers.” ([1]


  • Hard pack with light blue sky and clouds in the background
  • Photograph in middle of package depicting lake, pine trees, and

snow-capped mountains

  • Priced at $24.65 per pack
  • Available in regular and mentholated forms

Aeros are available in traditional hard pack with a light blue sky and clouds in the background. A photograph in the middle of the package depicts a lake, pine trees, and snow-capped mountains. Priced at $24.65 per pack, Aeros are available in regular and mentholated forms.[1]

Use and the Consumer

  • Available in 2005 via web sales only
  • Approximately 20% people who order Aeros quickly reorder the product, according to the manufacturer
  • Those using Aeros exclusively in places where smoking is not allowed take longer to reorder, according to the manufacturer
  • Woodleaf claims that 7% percent of consumers are able to quit use of traditional cigarettes entirely

Smoke Emissions and Human Use

  • FTC method: nicotine yield average is .050 mg/cig, approximately 1/

20th the amount found in combustible cigarettes; no detectable mainstream total particulate matter or tar; CO=0

  • Human exposure:not yet conducted or not available

Toxicity Analyses

  • Ames method in vitro: not yet conducted or not available
  • In vivo MSP: not yet conducted or not available
  • Animal exposure: not yet conducted or not available

Product Chemistry

FTC Method: Nicotine 0.047 mg/cig; CO=0; emissions contain no tar

Legal Compliance

  • Classified as a tobacco product by the US Government; unlike other products, does not contain a Surgeon General’s warning
  • No sales to anyone under the age of 21
  • Not subject to State and Federal cigarettes taxes
  • Only subject to State sales tax in California

Community Response

  • No known organized community campaigns



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